Family surf vacations – 4 Keys to a family friendly surf trip

Looking for your next family surf vacations ? In general, surf trips are relatively simple. You choose a country where the waves will be sweet and the swell will be pumping, book a flight and arrange accommodation close to the best spots to make the most out of it. But traveling with the family is slightly different. There are more things to consider when it comes to a family surf trip. You take comfort, safety, activities and good food into account.

In this article, we discuss the 4 keys to a family friendly surf trip; accommodation, surfing and non-surfing activities, sustainability and fresh food. We’ll also tell you a little more on how we tackle each element at the Las Plumerias surf lodge.

Family surf vacations : Accommodation

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The first key to a family-friendly surf trip is the accommodation. While traveling with the family, it’s important to be sure of safe, comfortable accommodation that offers a variety of activities. Avoid staying close to any roads or other natural hazards, so children can run around without any problems.

At Las Plumerias, a luxury family surf camp,  we’re always improving. We offer 3 types of accommodation for perfect family surf vacations ; a two-people cabana, a three-people cabana and a deluxe bungalow. The two-people cabana is a large and comfortable traditional bungalow (40m2) where two people can sleep in double beds with mosquito nets and fans. They offer a private bathroom, an eco-friendly toilet, a living space and a private terrace with a hammock.

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The three-people cabanas are large and comfortable and consist of one queen size bed and two double beds with mosquito nets and fans. They include a private bathroom with dry compost-toilet, a big living space and a private terrace with ocean view.

The third and the last accomodation is the deluxe bungalow. It’s the perfect accommodation for four people equipped with one king size bed and two double beds. The bungalow has a private bathroom with eco-friendly dry compost-toilet, a big living space, a private terrace ocean view with hammock and your own wifi connection. It’s perfect for a family of four.

Family Surfing : Surfing and non-surfing activities

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In terms of surfing concerning a family, Nicaragua is the perfect country for surfing with 330 offshore days a year which gives you so many great waves to ride. Check when to come, we explain what is the best season to surf Nicaragua with your family in our article. Our surf lodge offers a large diversity of wave selection including beach breaks, point breaks, reef breaks, and outer reefs. 15 Surf spots can be found around the resort just a short car or boat ride away. It’s important to provide options for every member of the family. It’s also good to check if the accommodation provides surf lessons and a range of different surfboards to try out.

At Las Plumerias, a Surf Camp in Nicaragua we offer packages for the whole family for beginners, intermediates and experts. The Get up package is perfect for the kids or partner who wants to learn the basics in perfect conditions, warm water and uncrowded spots. The Get in package is for the intermediate surfer, like surfy parents or teenagers, who are looking for personal coaching to improve their skills. Families with some real skills can choose for the Get schaked package and take advantage of the local knowledge of popoyo to score some of the best waves in Central America.

The surf lodge also offers an assortment of different surfboards: Soft boards, longboards, mid-lengths, twin fins, and performance shortboards. So it’s easier for families to not worry about dragging along large amounts of luggage.

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Beside surfing, plenty of other activities can be done during a family surf trip. You can chill a day at the beach, relax at the lodge, or plan an excursion to go sightseeing. Nicaragua is also a destination with plenty of other sporty activities, like horse riding and snorkeling.

Day trips can be done to Granada, one of the volcanoes, isletas and many more places. You can choose to relax at the infinity pool with a stunning view or enjoy the beautiful sunset at the beach, combined with a nice drink from the bar. For those who have to work a few hours a day during the trip or want to have a call, we have wifi available throughout the property.

Family surf vacations : Sustainability

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Sustainability is crucial. We need to make decisions today that are sustainable for the future generation to meet their own needs. Nicaragua has the largest and best preserved tract of tropical rainforest and lowland ecosystems in Central America. They include pine forests, riparian forests, evergreen forests and dry forests.

At Las Plumerias, we are always doing our utmost to be mindful of the environment. To live in harmony with nature. We save water by using a dry toilet system and contribute it to the compost cycle. Reduce, reuse and recycle are the three keywords when it comes to waste. Guests are gently asked to bring their own water bottle to use less plastic.

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Our tropical-style bungalows have a minimal environmental impact, built with local materials. Palm leaves are used for the roof, tap water comes from the well and the compost toilet helps the soil quality. Furthermore, we use ambient temperature showers to reduce our carbon footprint.

Fresh food

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Nowadays, healthy food choices are more important than ever. Eating well helps to reduce the risk of physical health problems as well as it influences your sleeping patterns, energy levels, and your general health. Good food is necessary for good energy throughout the day, even more when you’re paddling your lungs out or burning your legs on these long perfect points.

Maura and Erika, our multi-talented chefs, are happy to prepare your food with the help of Francisco, the sous chef. All of our food is locally sourced and homemade with love. They have the freshest fruits and vegetables from nearby. The meat comes from a ranch and their chickens kindly provide the visitors with morning eggs. El Astillero, a fishing village 4 km away, takes care of the local seafood. It’s possible to adjust the meals to your wishes. Vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free can be provided.

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Las Plumerias is a family-run surf lodge in Popoyo, Nicaragua. It’s a paradise for parents and children with several private bungalows and cabanas. Many families visited the surf lodge and had a great time with a variety of activities and opportunities to get to know new things. Feel free to browse around our site for more information or contact us directly if you need more info.

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