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Nicaragua, the Central American country, has become really popular because of the quality of its waves and its all inclusive resorts. Besides the waves, you can find perfect all inclusive resorts in Nicaragua with beautiful accommodation.

An inclusive resort is perfect for people who just want to chill and let go during their vacation. Having everything arranged during an intense day of surfing can be really helpful.

What makes Las Plumerias surfcamp the best all inclusive resort in Nicaragua ? At Las plumerias we provide our guests with everything that they need; the perfect location, a large variety of surf spots, a heart for the environment, different packages, common areas, delicious local food and a great accommodation. In this article we’ll discuss why Las Plumerias is the perfect all inclusive resort in Nicaragua.

At the Las Plumerias resort – All inclusive

Great accommodation for  your stay, all included

interior of small bungalow with three beds

The design of our lodge was created to ensure maximum privacy in the cabanas with communal areas. Six different, modern and comfortable cabanas are built with natural resources. Each one of them has a queen size bed, a private bathroom, and a terrace. Every room has its unique touch with hand-crafted elements.

We offer cabanas for two, three and four people. Our large and comfortable traditional bungalows have double beds, a mosquito net and a fan. Also a private bathroom with eco-friendly dry compost toilet, living space and a big private terrace and a hammock. Every cabana also has its own WIFI connection.

Common areas to meet new people

Bar Area

Las Plumerias is a real surf community. It feels like home. Whether you come with friends, family or solo, the surf lodge is a place where you will find like-minded people and become part of the Plumerias extended family.

We have common areas to meet new people, relax and talk about your amazing day of surfing. You can grab a drink at the bar or chill around the infinity lap pool and enjoy the beautiful sunset. Every area has WiFI and we have a big screen to enjoy a movie night or review your surf sessions during the evening.

Delicious local food

close up of two delicious tacos with rice on the side

Our local chefs make delicious and healthy meals 3 times a day. The ingredients are locally sourced from organic vegetables to fresh fish. Each one of them brings inspiration to the table, and to the kitchen.

All the food is fresh and homemade with love. We have fresh jam, fruits and vegetables. The fish comes from El Astillero, a fishing village a few kilometers away. Our chickens provide us with eggs and our meat comes from a ranch nearby.

Perfect location

all inclusive resorts nicaragua

Las Plumerias is located in the middle of the best surfing area in Southern Nicaragua. With an average of 300 days offshore winds per year, you can score great surf almost every day. Both reef breaks, beach breaks, outer reefs and point breaks can be found in this area.

The lodge provides a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and beautiful sunsets in a calm and comfortable environment. Natural surroundings such as fruit trees, flowers and beautiful animals create abundance at Las Plumerias.


chill Area

Nicaragua knows a variety of ecosystems which include different types of forests; riparian forests, evergreen forests, pine forests, and dry forests. Agricultural ecosystems are one of the most represented, followed by evergreen forests and Nicaragua also has the largest and best-preserved tract of tropical rainforest and lowland ecosystems in Central America.

We’re a sustainable surf lodge that takes care of the environment. Every accommodation has its own dry toilet system where we save water and contribute to our compost cycle. This way we save a lot of water. Reducing waste happens by reusing, recycling and composting. The use of biodegradable products is a must for us.We also ask our guests to bring a water bottle to reduce the plastic in the lodge.

Surf is definitely included

A large variety of surf spots around the lodge

popoyo innner reef surf break

Around Las Plumerias we have a large diversity of waves including beach breaks, point breaks, reef breaks, and outer reefs. Fifteen surf spots can be reached by car or a boat ride to search for the waves that suit you best.

We can take you to the following surf spots around the area; Popoyo reef, Popoyo outer reef, La Lejana, Playa Guasacate, Playa Santana, Playa Rosada, Panga Drops, Punta manzanillo, Playa Colorado, Peñon, Astillero, Veracruz, Mag Rock, La Piedrita and Chacocente. Our surf guides will always help you choose the right one for each time of the day.

Different packages for the whole group

student and coach on the same wave during surf lessons in nicaragua


Surfers from all levels are welcome at Las Plumerias. We have the luxury to search for the best spots depending on the level. We offer packages for beginner, intermediate and expert surfers. The Get Up package is for beginners who want to learn how to surf in warm water and uncrowded spots.

The Get In package is for intermediate surfers who want to improve their skills with personal coaching. The Surf guiding, or Get Shacked package, is for expert surfers who want to use local knowledge to surf the best waves around Las Plumerias.

You can choose to bring your own board or use one from our large selection. We have the perfect board for all levels and conditions, from longboards to short boards.

At Las Plumerias, we keep on improving our place. If you have different wishes for your stay, we will always do our best to search together for an answer to your wishes.

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