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All inclusive surf retreats have a lot of advantages. First of all, you don’t have to stress about planning your trip. You can arrive with planned transportation and get a room, fresh food, a surf coach or guide, a pool, the best surf spots, activities and beautiful beaches.

Another advantage is that local knowledge will be used to show you around to find the best, and sometimes uncrowded, surf spots. Local people are always happy to show you around during your trip. In this article we’ll discuss what’s included in an all inclusive surf retreat in general.

Provided services at every surf retreat


yoga at an all inclusive surf resort

Eat, sleep, surf, repeat. The main activity during a surf retreat is of course surfing. Surfing is on the menu, a few times a day. After you’ve discovered the best things to do in San Juan del Sur for example, the Local surf guides of Popoyo will show you around and search for the best spots for every day. There’s no pressure to surf all day but most of the guests would love to just do that.

If you’re a non-surfer or you are just sore from paddling all day, plenty of other activities can be done. You can ask during the retreat to do some local sightseeing or just stay around the lodge and go to a beach and soak up some sun. Nowadays, a lot of retreats provide yoga classes or workouts for people that are a little more energized, want to try something new, or stay fit during their holidays.


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The first and most important thing is the accommodation. All-inclusive surf retreats provide accommodation that fits every guest perfectly. You can expect a large room with your own bathroom, double bed and terrace.

Most of them are private and provide a guard during the day and the night to keep an eye on the property. Kids can run around safely without finding a way to escape. Common areas make it easier for families, friends or solo travelers to meet new people and socialize during their stay at the property.

Fewer people

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One of the biggest advantages of all-inclusive surf retreats is that you can expect fewer people. Retreats have a limited number of people and provide rest and comfortable spaces.

They can take you to hidden, uncrowded and private beaches to show you the hidden gems. For surfing, they know the best spots for the conditions and if you’re lucky, you will be all by yourself in the water.

For all levels

surfboards lined up in the surf rack

Your skills don’t matter when you book an all-inclusive retreat. The surf coaches will tell you where’s best to go. If you’re looking for soft, mellow waves or heavy, steep ones, the coach will arrange to go to the best spot for you. It’s important that everyone is satisfied during their stay.

When you’re traveling in a group, it’s harder to find activities that everyone likes. Especially when there are beginners, experts and non-surfers. Retreats will do their best to find a solution. For example, good surfers can paddle out for big sets, beginners can stay with the coach in the white water and the rest can hang out on the beach.

Food for everyone

fish salads and fresh tomato soups

After a long day of surfing or hanging on the beach, you can use a good meal. You don’t have to worry about finding a restaurant or which meal to cook. The staff will take care of the food so you can just sit back and enjoy.

Surf retreats try to do their best and respond to all the wishes that the clients have. In general, healthy local food will be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There’s nothing more important than drinking enough water and eating food that feeds your body with all the nutrients needed.

Las Plumerias as an all-inclusive surf retreat

Las Plumerias is an all-inclusive surf retreat lodge. Every client gets a private cabana with a big bed, a bathroom and a terrace. Fresh food from our local staff gets served 3 times a day. You can also expect fresh fruits and a dessert in the evening. We also offer our special cocktails, some beers and different snacks.

We have different surf coaching packages, both for the beginner, intermediate and expert surfer. Our surf coaches will take you to the best and sometimes uncrowded surf spots. Other activities such as yoga or a planned trip to Granada, can be arranged as well. Overall, we do our best to give everyone a great time and we always try to keep improving our lodge.

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