Best time to visit Nicaragua

When is the best time to visit Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is a tropical paradise that you can visit all year round. Especially for surfing, the country is known for having 300 days offshore wind and a warm ocean. Read this article and you will know more about the best time to visit Nicaragua !

In general, all styles and skills are welcome but there are some better days for the different types of surfers.We will give you some more information about the wind, the best time to visit, the crowded days and the reason why it’s always time to discover Nicaragua.

Offshore winds : 300 days a year

Surf in righthand barrel in popoyo nicaragua

Nicaragua has the largest lake in Central America: Lake Nicaragua. Together with Lake Managua, they are two inland bodies of water. Both lakes are part of the American Cordillera, from North America to South America and West Antarctica. The waves are almost every day offshore because the breaks in the mountain range act as funnels where the wind blows through.

Why is offshore wind important?

People from all over the world travel to Nicaragua because of the offshore wind. If you’re a beginner you probably question yourself why offshore wind is so important. Wind creates waves in the ocean and makes it possible for you to surf, however, locally it can create a choppy or smooth water surface.

Offshore wind softens the waves and makes it easier for surfers to ride the waves. This wind also contributes to shaping barrels. Every good surfer longs for getting barrelled and that’s why offshore winds are so important.

How strong does the wind get?

Offshore winds are necessary for good surf. But too much wind is never good. It makes it difficult to keep the water out of your face and paddle for a wave with a good visibility. In general, the wind never gets too strong in Nicaragua.

The maximum speed is around 110 km/hour and these winds only last for a few days. The average wind power is around 25 km/hour and makes it perfect for surfers to get in the water with good conditions.

Which are the best months to visit Nicaragua?

best time to visit nicaragua

May, June, July and August are the best months to visit Nicaragua at its best time. Especially if you’re a good surfer. Nicaragua is a south swell spot which means that the country relies on swells generated by winter storms. During the wet season the swells tend to be bigger and more powerful.

Best time to visit Nicaragua for tourism : May and June

May and June are the first rainy months. The rain season starts at the beginning of May and ends in November. At the beginning of May you can expect heavier rain showers in the afternoon or during the nights. The mornings usually start sunny and clear.

The heavy rain causes lower temperatures and onshore wind for around a week. When there’s no rain, the surf is in general pretty good with a constant swell and light offshore wind. The swell continues to build better consistency during these months.

Best time to visit Nicaragua for surfing : July and August

The best months to surf in Nicaragua are definitely July and August. There is less rain, more sunshine and plenty of bigger waves. Steady offshore winds cause almost perfect and pumping surf conditions for every day.

Make sure you bring a short board because wave height can go from shoulder length to double overhead or even more. Famous spots can get really crowded because of the quality waves and the summer holidays around the world.

Crowded days in the country

group of surfers being guided to a great spot in popoyo nicaragaua

Semana santa

Semana Santa or Holy week can get very busy and it might not be the best time to visit Nicaragua. You can expect a lot of Nicaraguans on every beach in the county. It’s the perfect oportunity to have a great time and connect with the local people. Just keep in mind that it can get very busy, especialy on the beaches with a large amount of people.

Big swell

The wet season is the most famous and the best time to visit Nicaragua, talking about swell. This season is great when it comes to good surf. You can expect a big swell and offshore wind that causes more people in the water. It can get crowded but the advantage of Nicaragua is that it has a lot of different breaks. From beach breaks to reef breaks and famous spots to less famous spots.

Best time to visit Nicaragua ? It’s always the best time !

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You can enjoy sunny days at the beach, beautiful green nature and tropical temperatures. For surfers, fun and soft waves can be found during January to April. It is the perfect time for beginners to try surfing. Let’s give you an idea about the conditions during these months.

January and February

This season could be the best time to visit Nicaragua for beginners. You can expect small waves that are perfect for beginners. Also the water starts to get a bit colder because the wind is blowing out to sea and blows the warm surface water away. With the result that the cold water comes to the surface. Colder water in Nicaragua means wearing a wetsuit top or a springsuit. The waves may not be perfect, but this is the perfect time to have the surf all to yourself.

March and April

March and April are also less crowded, besides Semana Santa. There will be less wind and temperatures are rising. Southern swells are starting up so these months would be great for a safe surf trip. Beginner and intermediate surfers would love these months. Famous big wave spots like Popoyo Outer Reef will light up for the first time of the year in March or April.


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