How to choose the best Nicaragua Surf Camp ?

Nicaragua, known as one of the best surf locations around the world, offers a variety of surf camps. Surf camps are becoming really popular nowadays. Many organizations offer different surf packages for all kinds of travelers. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional surfer or a beginner, everyone is welcome.

So how to choose the best Nicaragua Surf Camp? It depends on the location and accommodation of the camp, the atmosphere or vibe and the time spent in the water.

Besides that, the surf camp offers a lot of different facilities such as surf guiding, surf coaching, good meals and all inclusiveness. In the last paragraph we’ll explain to you why Las Plumerias is a good option while searching for a surf camp in Nicaragua.

Location and accommodation

community pool

While looking for a surf camp in Central America, certainly hesitating between El Salvador, Costa Rica or Nicaragua for surfing, you’ll probably check out where it is located and how far it is from the first beach. Also the accommodation is a really important topic.

The standards of the accommodation should suit your needs and be comfortable for every member of the group. You will probably spend a lot of time at the surf camp with all the people that are staying so you want to make sure that you chose the right Nicaragua surf camp.

Nicaragua surf camp : atmosphere and vibe

group of surfers relaxing on the beach

Almost every best surf camps in nicaragua  has a real community vibe. It brings you closer to other travelers from different countries and people that have the same interests. You can meet people from all over the world and spend a lot of time with them. Most of the hotels can’t offer a family vibe just like the surf camps.

People that choose for a surf camp are usually open-minded travelers and like to connect with other surfers. They like to meet new people and talk about surfing.

The vibe is laid-back but still luxurious. A nice accommodation with towels, soap, drinks and other extra things will be provided for you. A surf camp is also the best place to relax because everything is planned for you. You don’t have to worry about planning a ride to the beach or making food during the day.

Nicaragua surf camp popoyo : Time spent in the water

group surfing

As a surfer, you want to spend as much time as possible in the water. Especially when you already have the skills and you want to improve or just enjoy the good waves around the area. Every nicaragua surf camp offers different surf packages so it’s important to search for the one that suits you best.

Also beginners can spend a lot of time in the water to make the most out of it. With a surf package for beginners, they can surf a couple of times a day and receive feedback on how to improve their surf skills. We would recommend asking the surf camp for the surf timetables and the extra options.

Facilities needed in a good surf camp

Every surf camp offers a variety of facilities. The most important ones are the surf guiding and surf coaching, coaching videos, good meals and the all inclusiveness. Plus, a good surf camp will bring you on the best surf spot of popoyo at the best moment, to avoid the crowd and take the best waves as much as possible ! Finally, safety during your travels is one of the priority. A good surf camp cares about it, and you need to feel safe all along your stay. If you wonder how is Nicaragua in terms of safety, go and check our article, it answers that question : is nicaragua safe ?

Quality surf coaching and surf guiding

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Surf coaching is for those who want to learn how to surf or improve their surfing skills and want to experience different types of waves. There is a combination of guiding in the water and post surf coaching with feedback on how to improve your surfing ability. Giving feedback will be supported by pictures and videos that were made during that day. Surf coaching happens in small groups to optimize the guidance and give you confidence during the sessions.

Surf guiding is for the expert surfer who wants to take advantage of the local knowledge of breaks around the area and have access to some of the best waves that Nicaragua has to offer. The surf guide is there to share with you his experience and provide you with an unforgettable surf trip.

Good and tasty meals

chef cooking nicaraguan dinner

During a long day of surfing, you’re always excited about a good meal. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be prepared for you during your stay. All surf camps try to make local, healthy and organic food that really feeds the body. Most of the time there is a main course and a dessert so you don’t have to go hungry to your bed.

All inclusive packages in nicaragua surf camps

group of surfers being guided to a great spot in popoyo nicaragaua

Surf camps are all inclusive. The total price includes food, activities, and accommodation. It makes it easier for you to focus on surfing and enjoy the beautiful country during the other days. If you want to add some things to your stay, you can always talk with the organization and they will do their best to answer your needs.

Why Las Plumerias surf camp could be the best Nicaragua Surf Camp for you ?

Las Plumerias is an all inclusive surf camp. We offer surf accommodation built by surfers for surfers. Bungalows for two to four people are provided with a large bed, private bathroom, eco friendly dry compost-toilet and a terrace. We ensure maximum privacy in the bungalows with communal areas to socialise and hang out.

We have three different packages to explore surf in Nicaragua.

  • The Get Up package for the beginner surfer : the best package if you want to surf your first long and clear opening waves. The time spent in the water and the efficiency of the guides will make you improve really quickly.
  • The Get In package for the intermediate surfer : you know how to pop-up, take a direction in the wave, but you don’t know how to catch many waves in the same session, how to handle the crowd, to take good decisions on the wave. Or you want to improve your top turns, to be more powerful while surfing. This pack is perfect for you.
  • The Get Shacked package for the expert surfer : you are a shredder. You just need to enjoy as much as possible your holidays in the water. At Las Plumerias, we are dedicated to the time spent in the water surfing the best waves at the best place. Your wave counter will be lost.

Our 2 guides will always take you to local surf spots where you can find the waves that suit you best. A the perfect timing : best tide, avoiding the most crowded hours as much as possible.

Our healthy and delicious meals are inspired by our locally sourced ingredients and our diverse international team. Each of them brings inspiration to the kitchen, and to the table.

Las Plumerias Nicaragua surf camp feels like a real community where people live and eat together in one big space. Everything is organized to give you the best surf vacation you could ever imagine.

All of our packages at Las plumerias Nicaragua surf camp include:

  • Return transfer to/from Managua airport or from Costa Rica border
  • Accommodation, 3  meals a day, use of all camp facilities : pool, yoga and exercises materials and so many.
  • Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages : sodas, juices…
  • Unlimited WiFi : fast enough and reliable to let you work online, watch movies, having video calls.
  • Your partner doesn’t surf? We propose a surfer/non-surfer all inclusive package based on double occupancy.
  • Large quiver of surfboards to surf the best popoyo waves : to try and test the boards you don’t have or you dream of. We have in stock shortboards, cruisers, twin fins, intermediates shortboards, from good shapers such as Al Merrick, Ryan Engle, Channel Islands, Mayhem, UWL, etc,…

Book directly and easily your next surf trip, you will love it !



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