Long Time Guest Review – Frederike Podevin

Our long-time guest Frederike gives a complete review of her stay at the Las Plumerias Surf Lodge in Popoyo Nicaragua.

Guest review: frederike cutting back on a left hand wave
Frederike cutting back on a left hand wave

Frederike’s review

Okay! Here we go. Let’s cover the basics, where are you from?

  • I am from France but I live in New York since 2014 after spending 5 years in Australia


And when did your relationship with surfing begin? What gets you the most stoked?

  • 2007 and 2008 I did a couple of surfcamps in Morocco and Portugal but then didn’t really stick to it despite moving to Australia (Instead, I learned to play Rugby). In 2015, I decided to get back into it more seriously and since then, I have been going on surftrips several times a year and want to get somewhat good at it so that I can travel to more places and enjoy more challenging surf spots.

Nicaragua & the surf lodge

When did you first start coming to Las Plumerias? How many times have you been here now?


So what do you love about Nicaragua?

  • I love the empty waves, the variety of surf breaks, the consistency of swell and the kindness of people 


And what keeps you coming back to Plume?

  • The dogs ! 🙂 … More seriously, I have been to many different surf camps or surf lodges over the past 5 years and Las Plumerias has been the place I surf the most with 2-3 sessions a day. Most other guests are like-minded and surfing is the priority. Las Plumerias’ team makes you feel like family. I always call it “home away from home”.

Love it. What are you up to the rest of the year when you’re not here at Las Plumerias?


At this point you’ve probably tried out a handful of our boards at the surf lodge… which one is your favorite?

  • I usually bring my boards but otherwise I like the Hyptokrypto 6’0 and the Bear surfboard


Awesome! And say you’ve got a couple hours of rest between a surf session, how do you pass your time back at the camp?

  • I sleep or I rest 🙂 


Your favorite Plume dish?

  • Homemade Lasagne, it has been there since the beginning and is so yummy after a day of surfing  


That’s a good one. Okay, last one. Tona, Victoria or uno chupito?

  • Tona 

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