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Learn more about surfing in popoyo, traveling around nicaragua and discover what’s going on in the surf lodge. Here we share our local knowledge so you can get a head start before coming over.

Spot guide: 8 tips for surfing panga drops

Spot guide: 8 tips for surfing Panga Drops

Panga Drops is one of the top 5 surf spots in Nicaragua. When looking for big waves,…
4 keys to a family friendly surf trip

4 Keys to a family friendly surf trip

Looking for a family friendly surf trip? In general, surf trips are relatively simple. You choose a…
Is it safe to surf in nicaragua?

Is it safe to surf in Nicaragua?

Surrounded by Costa Rica and Honduras, Nicaragua is a good travel destination with its history, friendly locals,…
What’s the best surf season in nicaragua?

What’s the best surf season in Nicaragua?

The surf season in Nicaragua runs all year round because of its near-equatorial geographical location, and plenty…
Surfing popoyo nicaragua: the best 5 surf spots

Surfing Popoyo Nicaragua: The best 5 surf spots

Looking for a place where you can find good surf on any given day? Popoyo is known…
Traveling in (and out) of nicaragua

Traveling in (and out) of Nicaragua

Latest travel requirements. Want to come for a surf trip, but wondering what the exact requirements are?…
Long time guest review – frederike podevin

Long Time Guest Review – Frederike Podevin

Our long-time guest Frederike gives a complete review of her stay at the Las Plumerias Surf Lodge…
Plumerias surf coach & guide – brieuc gueno

Plumerias Surf Coach & Guide – Brieuc Gueno

Get to know one of the Las Plumerias surf coaches in person. Brieuc tells us more about…

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