Why surf Popoyo?

Score perfect surf in nicaragua


Southern Nicaragua boasts an average of 300 days of offshore winds creating perfect surfing conditions. Conveniently located in the middle of Central America, Nicaragua is a swell magnet and there are always waves to for all levels, from beginners to experts. Popoyo nicaragua is the best surf area to stay thanks to its breaks diversity.


Another advantage of our location in popoyo Southern Nicaragua is the large diversity of wave selection and orientation including beach breaks, point breaks, reef breaks, and outer reefs. We have 15 wave options, a short car or boat ride away to best suit your needs of surfing good and nice waves regardless of your level of experience.

Types of

Nicaragua’s varied ecosystems include evergreen forests, pine forests, riparian forests, and dry forests. Agricultural ecosystems are one of the most represented, followed by evergreen forests and Nicaragua also has the largest and best preserved tract of tropical rainforest and lowland ecosystem in Central America.

Popoyo surf Area

Perfect location

We are in Popoyo, the best surfing area in Southern Nicaragua

  • Average 300 days of offshore wind per year at popoyo
  • 15 different waves a short car or boat ride away
  • Beach breaks, reef breaks, point breaks, outer reefs for all levels, from beginners, intermediates to experts

Popoyo's Surf spots

The best choices right at your doorstep

Popoyo reef

Perfect A frame reef break. Works on all tides & sizes. Rights and lefts, swell magnet.

Popoyo outer reef

Heavy left hand shallow slab. Chargers be aware! Heaviest wave in Nicaragua and Central America.

La Lejana

Inside Popoyo Outer reef. Long and clean zippy left breaking over shallow reef at the right tide.

Playa Guasacate

Aka Popoyo beach break. Top to bottom beach break. Many rights, Swell magnet

Playa Santana

Playful zippy beach break. Plenty of peaks, good for short barrels, rights & lefts.

Playa Rosada

Heavy long left breaking over shallow reef. Needs perfect swell direction to make all the sections.

Panga Drops

A frame breaking over far away reef. Deep water wave that will hold the size.

Punta Manzanillo

Long heavy left hander breaking into a beautiful bay over shallow rocks (boat access only).

Playa Colorado

Heavy beach break with multiple peaks (favors rights), often crowded, sometimes perfect.


Long mellow left point break. Overall fun wave for all with rides up to 200 yards.


Fun and peaky beach break / rivermouth. Often uncrowded.


Reef break over cobble stones. Favors lefts but the rights can be epic. Also named Playgrounds. Nica’s version of lower Trestles.

Mag Rock (BeginNer's Bay)

Longboarding hotspot. Long mellow left point off the rock (very forgiving and fun). A frame in the bay also fun & soft. Ideal for beginners.

La Piedrita

Hollow fast right hander breaking over a shallow reef. Fun and hollow left on the other side of the rock if the sand bars are good.


Natural park / reserve only accessible by boat. Multiple peaks,  beack break, hollow and fast A-frames over shallow sand bottom.

Surf CamP

Our Packages

For the beginner we recommend our Learn to Surf – Get Up Package.

  • This package is for the beginner who wants to learn the basics in popoyo´s perfect conditions,  warm water, and in uncrowded spots.

For the intermediate surfer we recommend the Surf Coaching – Get In Package.

  • This package is for the surfer who has some experience and wants personal coaching to improve their skills here in nicaragua.

For the experts we recommend the Surf Guiding – Get Shacked Package.

  • This package is for the expert surfer who wants to take advantage of our local knowledge of popoyo and score some of the best waves in Central America.

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