Top 6 things to do in Popoyo Nicaragua

Popoyo is a small town in Rivas, well known for its incredible beaches. Many surfers know Popoyo because of the inner and outer reef. People come from all over the world to visit the beautiful coastline and ride the best waves of their lives. It’s also the perfect place to learn how to surf or to try out some bigger waves.

Besides surfing, you can find a lot of other activities. You can spot wildlife, take some yoga classes, go surfing, horseback riding, just relax or try some good food. In this article we’ll discuss the top 6 things to do when you’re on holidays in Popoyo Nicaragua.

Things to do in Popoyo : Spotting wildlife

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Nicaragua is a diverse and beautiful country. You can find wildlife in every corner with all kinds of animals, insects, colorful birds, fishes and different kinds of plants and trees. Mostly all the wildlife lives in rainforests, mountains, lakes and volcanoes. You can visit all of them and enjoy the beauty and calmth of the surroundings.

Popoyo has one of the largest Wildlife Refuge and Sea Turtle Reserves in Nicaragua. It’s in front of the surf spot Chacocente with a really important beach. An arribada, a nesting event of sea turtles, takes place between July and December. Olive Ridley turtles arrive with hundreds of thousands to lay their eggs at the beach.

The Nature Reserve has different species of monkeys, mammals, fauna, birds and seabirds. In the tropical dry forest you can find the National bird of Nicaragua, the Motmot, and toucans and golden orioles. You can visit the park for a minimal fee and watch the turtles and the beautiful long sandy beach.

Yoga classes

yoga at an all inclusive surf resort

Nowadays, yoga is really popular and it’s a great way to strengthen and stretch your body. It helps to balance your spirit and focus your mind. There are a lot of yoga styles, some of them are intense and others are relaxing and meditative. A yoga class during your holiday in Popoyo is a great way to start your day.

Around the area there are a lot of different places that offer yoga classes. Every morning you can find yoga classes at 9 am at Mag Rock. They have a room with a seaview and they offer mindful yoga, hatha flow, aerial yoga, surfer flow, restorative yoga and yang yin yoga.

Surfing at the different spots : one of the best activity in Popoyo

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Popoyo reef itself is one of the most famous surf spots around the area. It’s the most consistent wave with a long-running A-frame breaking over a rocky reef shelf. Popoyo reef breaks on all tides and has over 300 days of offshore wind and that’s why it is Nicaragua’s most consistent break. Popoyo Outer Reef Popoyo is 10 minutes paddling from the inner reef. It is a big wave spot for experts only. It’s exciting to watch for the people at the beach and from the channel.

Popoyo Nicaragua offers 15 different surf spots around the area. A beginner, intermediate and a professional surfer can have a great day of surfing close to each other. You can chose to lay more on the inside or paddle more to the outside.

Hike and horseback riding

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Popoyo offers some small hikes around the area. You can walk through the jungle or climb upon a mountain to watch the secret bay close to Playa Manzanillo. The long beaches and the national reserve are also an option if you want to walk through beautiful surroundings.

Horseback riding can be done on the beach. A Nicaraguan gaucho, a skilled horseman, will guide you and the rest of your group on a unique tour. You can explore the beaches and the hills around Popoyo and enjoy the wind through your hair.


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If you want to relax and take a spa day, there are two options in the area, discover our guide if you want to discover San Juan Del Surf with the things to do there. You can visit the tidal pools or the natural hot springs. The tidal pools are at the north end of Guasacate beach. A long walk at the beach will lead you to the tidal pools where you can have a great time with your family or with friends. You can look at the sea shells, the fish and swim in the pools. It’s for free and you can bring a camera to take the perfect picture together.

Visiting the natural hot springs is a nice experience if you want to visit a local place. It’s a rough and calm place in the middle of nature. The hottest pool provides water for two other pools. They are designed like swimming pools and they have the perfect hot temperature to relax. A lot of local people visit the hot springs to relax but also to wash their clothes and to do the dishes. They don’t have hot water or washing machines at home.

Good restaurants

grilled lobster with fresh veggies

Popoyo has a lot of great restaurants. Because of the fishing village you can find daily fresh seafood. Local farms sell beef and pork and a big amount of homegrown vegetables and fruits. You can find great restaurants that suit any budget.

Overall, popoyo has a lot to offer and to enjoy your holidays without worrying what to do and where to go. You can always ask our staff at Las Plumerias for some more information about the activities in and around the surf lodge. Now, do you want to know what are the best things to do in San Juan del Sur ? Read our article about the top things to do there !

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