Plumerias Surf Coach & Guide – Brieuc Gueno

Get to know one of the Las Plumerias surf coaches in person. Brieuc tells us more about surfing Nicaragua, surf coaching & the surf lodge.

Surf coach interview

So let’s start off with the basics, where are you from?

  • I am from Martinique but I’ve lived in Guerande, France, (the place where they make that famous salt), since I was ten years old. 


Awesome. So you obviously speak french. Any other languages you speak?

  • Yep! I speak english & spanish too.

profile photo of surf coach Brieuc

How many times have you come to Las Plumerias for coaching?

  • This is my fourth trip to Las Plumerias! 


And it’s been a pleasure every time! What is it about Plume that keeps you coming back?

  • I keep coming back to Las Plumerias because it really feels like a family. The camp is the best place to chill between all those surf sessions… we surf a lot! You definitely work up an appetite always being in the water, and the food always hits the spot. I really love surfing different kinds of waves, and different kinds of equipment. Every trip back to Plume I make it a point to try most of the quiver. From the logs, little fishes, to the high-performance boards, there is always something new to try. 


And what do you do when you’re not here at Plume?

  • I have a surf school in France, it’s called MerSea Ecole de Glisse.  It’s where I teach during most of the year. When my school isn’t open I spend my time discovering new places across the world, but I always keep a window free to go to Nicaragua where I know the surf is gonna be perfect.


Tell us about your relationship with surfing. How did it come about? What gets you the most stoked?

  • I started to surf when I was a kid, in the Caribbean you spend a lot of time at the beach! When I was 6 I started to stand up on my boogie board a lot so my parents offered me my first surfboard. Everything in surfing keeps me stoked. But there is nothing better than sharing the stoke and watching students reach that sensation only surfing can give.


And when did you start coaching?

  • I started to teach in 2013 after passing all my surf teaching credentials. For a few years, I worked in various schools all over the coast of France, which taught me different techniques and approaches to surf coaching. I found it was really my passion and in 2019 I opened my own school, with the goal to share my teaching philosophy. 


What’s one of your favorite things about Nicaragua?

  • The surf! It’s always offshore and there are waves all the time. What I specifically love about the Popoyo area is the diversity of waves in such a small area. Also, the locals are so welcoming, always smiling and helpful. 


Most definitely. Okay… tell us what’s your favorite spot? 

  • Fiouuuu that question is really hard because all of them are so fun on different conditions! On big days I enjoy the security of the point breaks, I love Peñon on a retro fish. But on smaller days I love surfing the punchy beach breaks on something more high performance. And of course, Popoyo reef, all tides, swell, whatever, it’s always so fun. It’s hard! I can’t choose. 


Last one. Tona, Victoria or uno chupito?

  • I am team Victoria! Especially inside the swimming pool watching the sunset haha.


surf coach brieuc getting a left hand barrel with his longboard

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