Is it better to surf Nicaragua or Costa Rica ?

Do you want to travel for surfing in Central America, but you are still hesitating between Costa Rica and Nicaragua ? We help you choose the best surf trip destination !

Deciding on the perfect Central American surfing destination for your next trip can be a challenge, especially when comparing two tropical surfing gems: Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

Bathed by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, these countries draw surfers from around the globe, each offering unique waves, great offshore wind really often, beautiful landscapes, and distinct surfing cultures.

Las Plumerias Surf Camp in Nicaragua helps you dive into the heart of the surf scene in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, examining everything from wave quality and crowd sizes to local amenities and environmental considerations.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a curious novice, understanding the nuances between these surfing havens can help you choose the right spot for your next surfing adventure.

Wave Quality – Better in Nicaragua or Costa Rica ?

Nicaragua: 1

Known for its consistent offshore winds courtesy of the shape of Lake Nicaragua, the country offers year-round surfing with excellent wave quality.

Spots like Popoyo and Playa Colorado are famous for their reliability and range of waves suitable for both beginners, confirmed and pro surfers.

Costa Rica: 0

While it also boasts excellent surf conditions, Costa Rica’s waves are more affected by seasonal changes.

The Pacific coast, particularly around Guanacaste, lights up during the rainy season from May to November, offering powerful swells.


surf nicaragua - wave better in costa rica or nicaragua ?

Line up crowds and Local surf Atmosphere

Nicaragua: 1

Generally less crowded than Costa Rica, Nicaragua offers a more laid-back surfing atmosphere and a large panel of different waves. The surf community here is smaller, which might appeal to those looking for a more relaxed experience.

Costa Rica: 0

A popular surf destination, it can get crowded, especially at famous spots like Tamarindo and Santa Teresa. The vibe is vibrant and social though, making it a great choice for those who enjoy mingling with fellow surfers from around the world, mostly Americans and Europeans !

better costa rica or nicaragua for surfing ?



Cost and Accessibility – Costa Rica or Nicaragua the best destination ?

Nicaragua: 1

Typically, Nicaragua is more budget-friendly than Costa Rica, with lower costs for accommodations, meals, hospitality and surf rentals. Its surf spots are also fairly accessible by motorbike, car or shuttle, with good road conditions leading to major beaches. By the way, by the middle of 2024, a completely new asphalt road will be built !

Costa Rica: 0

Although it’s generally more expensive, Costa Rica offers a broader range of accommodation options, from luxury resorts to hostels. The country’s well-developed tourist infrastructure makes it easy to travel between top surf spots.

Accommodation and Surf Services 

Nicaragua: 1

Nicaragua offers a variety of accommodations for surfers or tourists, but is particularly known for its surf camps and eco-lodges that cater specifically to surfers looking for an all-inclusive experience, with guiding sessions, or coaching packages (with video analysis by experienced coaches). Read our article about the best way to prepare you for : surf Nicaragua.

Costa Rica: 0

Known for its high-quality surf schools and plentiful surf shops, Costa Rica is ideal for beginners and those looking to improve their skills with professional guidance.

nicaragua surf coaching - by Las Plumerias Surf Camp Nicaragua


Sustainability and Conservation

Both Nicaragua and Costa Rica are committed to environmental conservation, but Costa Rica has a more established reputation for eco-tourism. It integrates sustainability into much of its tourism sector, including surf-related activities.

Beyond surfing, Which country is better ?

Both countries offer rich experiences beyond the waves. Nicaragua is renowned for its volcanic landscapes and vibrant culture, while Costa Rica offers diverse wildlife, rainforests, and adventure sports.

Spotlight on Nicaragua: Las Plumerias Surf Camp

If this article helped you and you are now considering visiting Nicaragua for your next surf trip in Central America, Las Plumerias Nicaragua surf camp offers an unforgettable surf vacation.

Situated on the stunning Pacific coast, 10min walking from the closest surfing spot, this camp provides you the best surf experience and the longest time spent in the water in Nicaragua, which is one of the priority talking about surf trips. This surf lodge, one of the pioneers in the area of Popoyo, is the perfect place for surfers looking to combine improvement, adventure with cultural enrichment.

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