Surf Nicaragua – All you need to prepare you surf trip

Surf Nicaragua – The best tips to prepare your next surf trip :

Are you planning to surf Nicaragua ? As one of the pioneer surf Camp in Nicaragua, we condensed for you, the best information in this article to prepare you and to enjoy the best waves during your next surf trip !

Please, to keep good atmosphere in the water for the best surf experience in Nicaragua, we recommend you to always respect the surf etiquette ; say hello to other surfers, be nice, respect the locals, never go surfing over your abilities, don’t snake, try your best to avoid the line of a surfer on a wave. Having a surf guide with you will ensure you the perfect surf experience in the water !

Nicaragua is a Premier Surf Destination

  • Consistent Waves Year-Round: The unique geographical features of Nicaragua, including Lake Nicaragua, create consistent offshore winds, ensuring great surf conditions most time of the year.
  • Diverse Surf Spots: With well renowned surf breaks like Popoyo, Outer Reef and the challenging waves at Lance’s Left (El Peñon), Nicaragua caters to surfers of all levels, but mostly for intermediate to expert surfers.

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Preparing for your trip to surf Nicaragua

  • Best Time to Visit: The dry season from November to April is ideal for the best weather and waves. Staying in a surf lodge instead of travelling by yourself is much recommended ; it can provide insights on the best times daily, ensuring you’re always at the right spot at the right time for surfing, with an experienced surf guide.
  • What to Pack: Essentials include high SPF (50+) waterproof sunscreen, a rash guard, surfboard repair kit, durable travel bag for your gear, boardshorts. If you plan to come between January and March, don’t forget to bring a 2mm or 3/2mm wetsuit (springsuit, long john or short sleeves are sufficient), because water can be really cold for few days, due to strong offshore winds ! (Learn more about the upwelling phenomenon)

Essential Gear to surf Nicaragua

  • Surfboard Selection: Choose a versatile board suited for the varied breaks like reefs or the beach break at Guasacate, and consider a fish or a groveler for smaller waves.
  • Additional Gear: Include at least 2 durable surfing leashes, several fin sets, tropical surf wax, surf hat, shoes, sunglasses (Cat.3 minimum)

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Travel Tips for Surfers Heading to Nicaragua

  • Local Travel: Travel and surf with a guide : surf lodges as Las Plumerias offer all inclusive surf packages and transport services to the best surf spots, at the best time, to let you optimize your surf experience !
  • Safety and Health: Stay hydrated, apply sunscreen regularly, avoid to surf topless at the more sunny hours (avoid between 10am to 3pm) and follow local health guidelines.

Top Surfing Locations in Nicaragua

  • Popoyo: This renowned spot offers reliable swell and suits various surfing skills. Booking a stay at a nearby surf lodge like Las Plumerias can provide you with expert guidance and quick informations over many spots.
  • Panga Drop: This reef is a real swell magnet. Great waves there, read our article about this wave
  • Playa Santana: Known for its dynamic mix of barrels and softer waves, ideal for intermediate to experts surfers looking to improve.
  • Lance’s Left (El Peñon): Perfect for those seeking challenging left-hand point breaks, it’s less crowded and offers powerful waves.
  • Guasacate Beach: As a versatile beach break, Guasacate accommodates different surfing styles.

Surf Nicaragua with Las Plumerias Surf Camp

Choosing the Right Surf Lodge to surf Nicaragua !

Las Plumerias Nicaragua Surf Camp

As one of the pioneers in the Popoyo area, Las Plumerias surf lodge offers experienced guides and surf coaches to help you catch the perfect wave at the best time. Their local knowledge and comprehensive services make it an ideal choice for maximizing your surfing adventure and improvement in Nicaragua.

Booking your stay at Las Plumerias will help you having fun in the water and improve your surfing skills, thanks to expert video analysis and post-session debriefs.

This guide is designed to prepare you for an unforgettable experience of surf in Nicaragua. By choosing a specialized surf lodge like Las Plumerias, you ensure that you not only have quick access to top surf spots like Popoyo but also receive the guidance needed to make the most of every wave.

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